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New to English General Paper?

Just found out you'll be teaching a crazy lil' course this year called 'English General Paper'?  

Or, have you been teaching the course formerly-known-as 'General Paper' for years, but gearing up/bracing for all the changes to the new syllabus?  

Either way, I've got your back!  

During this 7-part email series, I'll walk you through a full overview of this shiny new syllabus (8021!), we'll talk about all the changes from old course (8004, 8001) to new, and I'll share some snazzy best practices you can implement in your classroom, like, tomorrow...  

(and if you're from the U.S., don't worry, we'll 'talk shop' about Common Core, too ;-)  

Join me as we 'meet the new syllabus' for AS Level English General Paper 8021... let's see what's in store for 2019 and beyond!

Cambridge University Press presents...

AS Level English General Paper 8021 coursebook

Yep, the first-ever coursebook for the English General Paper curriculum is finally a reality!

I'll legit never forget hassling the Cambridge University sales rep (anchoring the back table) at virtually every workshop I facilitated until he finally took me seriously that I wanted to 'write the book on it.'

(So... shout-out to Danny for changing the course of my path in such a profound way!)

My dear EGP teachers, I hope you like it :-) Give me a shout-out on social media if you do!

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Some helpful resources to support AS Level English General Paper 8021 instruction!

Core Course Documents

'Specimen Papers'

Paper 1 (sample exam, rubric + scoring guide/suggested responses)

Paper 2 (sample reading passages, question booklet, and answer key/scoring guide)

Aligning CCSS Standards + EGP Objectives

EGP Resource Library

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Also, check out:

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